?My firm is recession-proof?

DaisychainBaby’s green credentials are impeccable. Not only does her online retailer stock products from the likes of Green-eyed Monster, Little Green Radicals, and Beaming Baby – all bastions of environmental trade in themselves – but, the website runs on 100 per cent renewable energy, all office waste is recycled, and the firm donates one per cent of all sales to 1% For the Planet.

Founder Drabwell believes this green, organic niche in the babycare sector will serve her well. “I wanted to be a bit different to stand out from all the other online baby stores,” she says. “We became a member of Ethical Junction from launch, which gave us instant access to a whole green community.”

As for the recession, Drabwell laughs. “I started thinking about this business six months ago when fears over the economy were relatively small. Now the issue has snow-balled. Hopefully, the recession will put off all the other people who were thinking about doing the same thing as me. They’ll wait two or three years, and by then I’ll be established.”

Drabwell believes this sector is all but recession-proof, anyway. “People are not going to stop having babies. And if they’re going to scrimp, they might not buy themselves a new pair of shoes, but people never scrimp on their children. There are good margins to be had. We buy at half the RRP, then sell for the full figure.”

DaisychainBaby cleverly appeals to both parents and doting relatives, with a range of products from the everyday, to the luxury: “Grandparents can buy new babies something special, and mums can get some good organic babywipes,” says Drabwell. She predicts a modest £50,000 turnover within the first year.

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