National Stress Awareness Day: 5 ways to reduce workplace worry with clever office design

Did you know that workplace stress accounted for ?35 per cent of all work-related ill health cases? in 2014 / 2015? This amounted to a staggering loss of 9.9m working days, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

With National Stress Awareness Day on 4 November, here are some easy tips for creating a stress-free workplace:

1. Colours

Recent studies in to the psychology of colour show how different colours can impact the way we feel about spending time in a particular environment.?

Bold, bright colours such as orange, red and yellow can help to boost creativity but can actually contribute to feelings of stress, so avoid using these colours too often.?

Opt for a soothing colour palette such as neutral creams, greys or muted pastel tones which have a much calmer effect, reserving brighter colours for your company branding and office accessories.?

Read more on the office environment:

2. Lighting

Our bodies need regulated serotonin levels to function properly, and natural light is a lead stimulant of them.?

Responsible for healthy sleep patterns, learning, information recall, mental alertness and a general good mood, it helps us to prevent the onset of depression, anxiety and stress.

Replace solid walls or partitions with glass or better yet, remove them to create an open-plan office interior and let the natural light flood your office space.?

Top tip: Encourage employees to take breaks and step outside the office for an unfiltered dose of daylight.

Continue reading on the next page for three other ways you can keep staff feeling relaxed and at peace.

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