National Stress Awareness Day: 5 ways to reduce workplace worry with clever office design

The five best and worst office views that Britain has to offer

3. Greenery

Studies have found that plants can help improve office air quality and amazingly also help reduce tension, depression, anxiety and fatigue by 37- 58 per cent.?

We recommend placing easy to care for plants such as areca and kentia palms or dragon trees around the office to add colour and interest; they are also a great functional way to divide work areas too.

4. Relaxing areas

More and more businesses are now creating dedicated work zones within the workplace for employees to find a quiet spot to focus on a specific task or a purposeful space to collaborate in, but to keep a lid on stress; it?s beneficial to complement any work areas with non-work areas too.?

Everyone needs to take a break during a busy working day, so designate calm, relaxing break areas for your team to retreat to and destress.

5. Staying active

It?s a known fact that regular exercise is one of the best remedies for stress, so why not help your employees to stay healthy.?

Some companies such as Knightsbridge-based Sonangol, incorporate gym equipment and showers into the office so employees can work out.

If you don?t have the space for this, why not encourage personnel to be more active by centralising refreshment, printing and recycling points to encourage people to leave their desks and walk around.

Not only is it exercise, but it?s also opportunities for social interaction which can also help relieve feelings of isolation and stress too.

Chris Jenkins is project director at London-based office design company Peldon Rose. For further advice or information about developing a creative, productive and fun workplace that benefits your employees and your organisation as a whole, contact the team.

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