Networking: what’s the point?

1 Mins

Lovely evening last night meeting up with two business girlfriends, both of whom used to make me feel extremely small in the light of their successes but am now extremely fond of. Especially good to talk to people who really do understand all the little problems we have along the way! 

This lack of isolation is probably one of benefits other people get from networking events but I’d much prefer to only do occasionally and with people both like and trust.  

Indeed was supposed to go networking prior to this but, curiously enough, every other crisis seemed a great deal more pressing. Was vastly cheered when one of other ladies, also a local manufacturer selling to national markets (but whom, unlike myself, appears beautifully dressed and poised at networking dos) assured me that, to her knowledge, she has never, ever got anything useful out of local networking whatsoever. Yipee! I now have admirable advice on which not to do it – not just a desperate preference!

Curled up in home office today while line managers have first half-day training session with our outside trainer. Will be absolutely riveted to see reactions and, in due course, results of this long-planned project. 

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