New funding source launched for app developers

Pollen is offering its “velocity capital” solution to fill in the gap between app-store sales and payment.

Currently, app developers can wait more than 60 days to be paid for their app sales or in-app purchases from the leading app stores. Pollen pays 95% of proceeds to developers every seven days.

This enables companies to quickly reinvest earned revenues back into their business, accelerating their user acquisition campaigns or product development cycles.

“We created Pollen to provide app developers with faster access to their app store revenues, which can then be used to accelerate their growth and install base,” said Martin Macmillan, CEO and co-Founder of Pollen.

“So far, we’ve seen exceptional demand for our early beta, both from app developers, but also venture capital firms who recognize that Velocity Capital can help their portfolio companies to deploy capital more efficiently.”

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