New scheme to help long-term sick get back to work

The scheme will be run by the private sector and paid for by cutting out compensation to employers for statutory sick pay, which currently gives some compensation to employers faced with high levels of sickness absence.

The proposed scheme will cover England, Wales and Scotland and will offer treatment plans and non-compulsory medical assessments. 

“Any help to cut number of days lost to sickness is welcome, but with the government’s Work Programme helping just five per cent of people on sickness and disability benefits into jobs, it is clear much more needs to done to help people get back to work,” said Kate Green, Labour’s shadow work and pensions minister.  

At present, employees who are off work for longer than four weeks are considered to be long-term sick and entitled to almost 90 in Statutory Sick Pay from their employers.
The new scheme will not bring any changes to existing laws.

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