New TV show in development putting entrepreneurs centre stage

The makers of Hunted, Masterchef, and The Island with Bear Grylls are developing a new and exciting television project, putting UK entrepreneurs through their paces.

The project is a blend of business challenges and urban adventures, filmed in a variety of cities around the world. The entrepreneurs will need to use their business skills and limited resources to generate wealth, to find out once and for all if there is an international language in business. Viewers will be inspired by some of the best movers and shakers the UK has to offer, hopefully learning all about the world of business from the experts.

The producers are looking for charismatic and successful entrepreneurs who are willing to be tested on their business acumen, street smarts, and their ability to spot a business opportunity.

If you feel you are a great candidate to show off the best of British expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, contact for all the details on how to apply and potentially take part in this exciting new opportunity.

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