New Year’s resolutions

A new year. A new decade. A new week at work! 

While I might dislike New Year as a social occasion, I have a huge fondness for the entire concept. It is the somewhat Catholic theory of being able to wipe out past sins with a quick trip to the clock-strikes-12 confessional.   Every year, I spend some considerable amount of time on the lead up to it, to re-write my goals and aims which stretch from all the predictable (and repetitive!): lose weight; give up smoking; make more money; spend less hours at work – to the less predictable: learning to play my bongo drum; learning to fly a microlight so that can accompany mad Irish friend on trip to North Africa; not crying too much when son goes off on his indefinite travels in three weeks’ time. Above all, have come back determined that Second-in-Charge and I will have fresh start at making business work better and having more fun while we do it.  And the great thing is, simply because they are all New Year’s resolutions, we bask happily in the utter conviction that they will happen. 

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