Next big growth opportunity: Serbia

“A number of factors – from higher-than-expected GDP growth, to the application for EU membership, to the government’s commitment to attracting foreign investment – are giving rise to good levels of business optimism in Serbia,” explains Dixon. “Companies are keen to set up or expand their presence there.” Dixon says the launch of the new Regus centre in Belgrade is in direct response to that increasing demand.

Several factors make Serbia attractive to companies looking for new revenue opportunities:

  • Serbia’s economy grew by 1.8-2 per cent in 2010, aided by export growth.
  • Serbia is a candidate for EU membership, and already has interim trade and visa facilitation agreements in place.
  • Serbia’s government is firmly committed to attracting and facilitating foreign investment.
  • Its economy is diversified, with key industries including sugar, agricultural and transportation equipment, paper, agriculture and livestock, and electrical equipment.
“With the developed economies of most of Western Europe and the US producing negative or minimal growth in recent years, businesses need to generate revenues from new sources – from Europe’s emerging economies, as well as Africa and Asia,” continues Dixon.

Regus has recently expanded not just into Serbia, but also into, Ghana, Lithuania and Oman. Its network of offices now spans 86 countries in total.

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