Name: Nick Oliver

Age: 45

Company: John Partridge

Turnover: Modest but rising

First job: Selling toast

Dream job: Photographer or beekeeper

Car: Mercedes Estate

Economy, business or first class: Always Economy. As long as I get a seat, there are more worthwhile things to spend money on.

Most extravagant purchase: My cooker, which cost more than my car at the time.

Most-played song on your iPod: “Green shirt” by Elvis Costello

Best business book: Yellow Pages!

Worst business moment: The first John Partridge sales samples arriving late after the factory making them closed down.

Proudest business moment: Completing the acquisition of the John Partridge brand.

Your business mentor: My partners David Reay and Gary Newbold. We seem to have a way of bouncing things off each other.

Next big thing: The John Partridge Clifton jacket. The forward orders on it are really strong and the fashion opinion-formers love it.

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