Non-execs give guidance to up-and-coming entrepreneur

Innovantage went to market in 2007, has now broken even and is attracting big clients such as The Telegraph and large recruitment consultancies such as the S3 Group.

Dewstowe has two non-executive directors based in Bath but he says they fulfil more of an executive role. “My expertise is with technology and sales and marketing, and so the non-executives fullfil an essential role where other skills are lacking,” he notes.

Now, he’s looking to hire a true non-executive director. Dewstowe adds: “They’ll potentially come from the recruitment industry to add even more value.”

While many small businesses are concerned about the credit crunch, Dewstowe is looking forward to the adverse economic conditions. “We expect 2008 to be a strong year of growth, particularly if the recruitment market takes a kick from the credit crunch,” he says. “The idea is that the people who we service will need to become more competitive. Therefore, a product like ours becomes even more useful.”

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