Northern Ireland beats England in startup race

Statistics released by research firm ICC Formations show that the total number of new companies incorporated in Northern Ireland in the last three months of 2009 was 828, up from 635 in the same period a year earlier.

By way of comparison, Real Business took a brief look at data in Companies House to work out how this stacks up against new companies established in England & Wales.

There were 78,413 new English and Welsh companies created in Q4/09, compared to 69,429 the year before. At 13 per cent growth, this was a much lower growth figure than our Northern Irish counterparts. 

“The number of new companies being incorporated is an important measure of economic performance, both current and future,” says Jon Rock, head of professional services at ICC Formations.

“After a shaky start, 2009 finished well, with two consecutive quarters of positive growth. These figures can be seen as exceptionally encouraging,” he adds.

A breakdown of the Northern Irish statistics show that Antrim is the region’s most popular county for company formations, with 48 per cent of all new companies being formed there, followed by Down with 22.4 per cent and Tyrone with 10.8 per cent.

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