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This begs the question, when it comes to IT security what are we the most afraid of? We asked a few experts for their view…

 Kevin Haley, director of product management at Symantec Security Response, explains that with millions of devices connected to the Internet, “and in many cases running an embedded operating system, they will become a magnet for hackers.” 

And according to Knoll managing director Tim Ryan, the thought of other potential Snowden’s is a very real one. “Companies should know who they are giving their data to and how it is being protected. There’s a tremendous amount of data compromised today where the act is never discovered or disclosed.”

Jarno Limnell, director of cyber security at Stonesoft, worries that “within the next couple of years, we will experience an increasing number of cyber attacks resulting in militaristic and economic damage. Cyber is the new battlefield, and the fifth element of warfare.”

But what are your greatest IT security worries?

Find out how to protect your business by taking part in a Twitter Q&A hosted by Real Business and Symantec on Wednesday (August 27) at 11:00am. Pose your questions to Orla Murphy, EMEA small business strategist at Symantec, or follow the interactive chat by searching for the hashtag #NortonSB on Twitter. 

Win antivirus software to help you stay safe

By answering the above question you could also win a Norton Small Business subscription for one year covering five devices – with a retail value of £79.99.

The Symantec competition will close on 8 September.

To enter, just tweet @Real_Business in 140 characters or less with: 

  1. What your greatest IT security concerns are; 
  2. Where your company is based; and
  3. Including @Norton_UK and #NortonSB in the text.
Alternatively, enter here. All participants shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

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