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Not all sales are good sales

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Volume becomes the bench mark and quantity wins over quality. Encouraged to look at this again recently, here are the top nine customers you dont want:

1. Customers who dont pay ever

Doing credit research properly is more essential than ever these days.

2. Customers who pay eventually

Cash is king and waiting untold months for yours is going to cripple your business, not to mention take up huge amounts of time and additional expense on credit control.

3. Those who mysteriously discover reasons to ask for discounts when it comes to pay day

This is a ploy to spin out paying. Fair and reasonable discounts, if any, are negotiated at time of order or, if for a reason on delivery of goods or service, immediately at the time.

4. The ones who ask frequent questions

Those that take huge amounts of your sales forces time asking questions, getting quotations but then only place one tiny order from time to time.

5. Ones who dont abide by or acknowledge your terms and conditions

Granted, most of us are guilty of not reading the small print, but when it comes down to it, this is our responsibility not the vendors. You created the terms and conditions for a reason so that your business could operate successfully and profitably.

6. The ones with the lowest profit margin

You are seeking the most profitable customers not the least.

7. Those who continually change their minds and or the agreement 

Not only is this time consuming and costly and often non-recoverable, it results in a general bad feeling about the customer, which is never a good thing.

8. Worse still are those that ask the near impossible and then change it to the impossible

They refuse to listen to reason when you say it cannot be done. These will almost always ask in an incredulous voice but dont you want our business . The wise man answers with a resounding ‘No’!

9. The rude and abusive

In this day and age, courteousness has become an old fashioned word. In fact it has gone to the other extreme whereby people assume it is absolutely acceptable to be beyond rude, personally and professionally. 

Your staff should not have to put up with this. It is appalling for morale. You will be more successful if your staff are happy in their jobs and view the customers with pride and affection rather than dislike and dread. Get rid of the abusers life is too short and your business too valuable.



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