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November 2010

1 Mins

* He’s my brother: From Euro Garages to My Family Care, here are the sibling-run businesses pulling Britain from the doldrums.

* Whatever happened to venture capital? We find out.

* 27 tips on hiring a top financial director.

* By promising to price-match its low-cost competitor Tesco, Waitrose is treading on thin ice, argues Frances Brindle.

* Should the banks be split up? Private equity guru Jon Moulton takes on Eric Leenders from the British Bankers’ Association to debate the issue.

* From the exhausting climb up Kilimanjaro to the opulence of the Burj Al Arab, Peter Knight says there are business lessons to be learned from both.

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Should the banks be split up? – Yes!
Should the banks be split up? – No!
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