Nurture your team’s creative talent to boost productivity

All the learnings within our labs environment are then distilled into technology, products and IP – and we feed it directly back to clients to drive conversation and challenge them to strive for even better from us. We identify emerging technology and ideas and utilising the brilliant staff we have to help push us an agency to the next level – that directly helps our clients achieves more.

In reality, building a dedicated space to nurture talent isn’t always feasible. It requires time, investment, and man-power – which not every business can dedicate resources too.

Creativity breeds creativity

Though there are things than can be done without having to create a physical space at all.

Creativity breeds creativity. If you harness and implement a creative way of thinking, structuring time, and really appreciate the talents you employ – the rest will follow.

Make your employee’s assets your key focus and always bear in mind how fundamental they are to your business. Encourage them to take the time to be creative, build their knowledge of the industry both past and present, to think outside of the office’s four walls, and give them the time to exercise their talents – though dedicate time for them to do so during their working hours. It’s an approach we take, making sure that every member of the team only ever has 80 per cent of their time dedicated to client work, with the remaining 20 reserved for their own personal development.

Get to know their interests outside of the nine-to-five. Is your account director really a budding artist in their spare time? Or do you have keen photographers in your team? These are all skills that may potentially bring a new string to your business’s bow.

Giving your team the right facilities, or head space, to grow their expertise and creative talents comes with a whole raft of advantages for a business, though inviting your clients in to this space too can take this further.

Adam Smith is managing director and owner of Rawnet.

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