Evolution of the office environment: Five trends surrounding co-working spaces

Could co-living be the next big thing?

Further blurring the lines between work, play and down-time is the new trend for co-living, which is taking off in cities such as London, New York and Berlin. The concept of co-living is to provide beautifully kitted-out spaces that combine bijou apartments with co-working facilities, communal kitchens and living areas.

This style of living is perfect for career-minded people, who travel a lot and don’t want to be tied down by an expensive mortgage or long-term contract.

The Collective Co-living co-working spaces
Co-living space The Collective offers accommodation, cinema, gym and more under one roof

In this way, co-living is a great example of the changing needs and demands of millennials, who favour experiences over ownership. It facilitates and offers access to shared resources (which are an upgrade from what this demographic could afford otherwise) and places more value on their time, by taking care of things like admin and bills.

One company that’s leading the way here is The Collective, which describes itself as “not your average property company” and sees co-living as the future of both life and work.

On the next page, see how co-working spaces are designed for corporates and startups alike mascots welcome.

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