OH MY GOD: It’s the 4Networking Dance off!

It’s the battle that Rocky forgot. Two heroes from the wrong side of the tracks go head to head in the greatest dance off mankind has ever seen. Eddie "Can’t Touch This" Johnson from Kimeera takes on Brad "Hurt ‘Em" Burton from 4Networking.

This is a true clash of the Titans. Each dancer has a "wildcard" move that sees the 4Networking audience wince behind meshed fingers. Johnson’s "Pizza Box Slam" truly must be seen to be believed, while Burton’s "Flashdance" prowess is only rivalled by his "Elvis Pelvis" for its genius and complexity.

Both battlers are well-versed in the moonwalk and "The Turtle". And, although Johnson’s "Caterpillar" does trump Burton’s "smack yo’ ass" moves, the 4Networking founder’s terrifying water display, set to an extract of George Michael’s Careless Whisper, will go down in the annals of dance history.

But there can only be one winner. Watch the educational – and incredibly high brow – footage from the highly-anticipated dance off to find out which hero prevails.

And remember, this is business networking. Really.

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