One in three would choose flexible working options ahead of a pay rise

Over half of employees have been working from home more often since the financial crisis began, according to new research from BT Business. Nearly two thirds of these staff have found themselves financially better off as a result.

For small firms that are unable to offer bonuses or employee benefits this year due to poor trading, allowing employees to work from home could equate to handing them a ten-pound note every day.

Bill Murphy, MD at BT Business, says: "Anything employers can do to help their staff save money in the current climate is not only great for morale but can also have a big impact on performance. We are seeing more and more businesses offering staff the opportunity to work remotely and this flexible approach is proving to be a double win for employers and their employees."

And, should you choose to go the whole hog and allow staff to work exclusively from their kitchen/bedroom/garden shed, the savings could be even greater: up to £250 a year (including the savings on new corporate attire).

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