Online Dragons’ Den set for TV

Meyer says she’s having "a lot of fun" with the show. “When I got involved I said ‘personally I think the entrepreneur’s a hero so I’m not going to be rude, it’s not my style’,” she says. “Dragons’ Den was created in a different era but I try to explain a little bit and share some insights into how I make the decisions I do."

The BBC announced in March that Meyer and Edinburgh-based property entrepreneur Shaf Rasul would be presiding over the online Den.

Meyer says she thought there was a 50-50 chance “they’d want me to be around” but evidently the BBC liked what it saw. “They’re going to move the online show to television,” Meyer reveals. “They’re playing around with the franchise and promoting the interactivity between the web and TV.”

It was a case of life imitating art for Meyer, or rather reality mirroring investment. At the time she became a Dragon, Ariadne Capital invested in Enriched Social Productions, which interprets the TV format for the web.

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