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Online marketing: Jargon buster

7 min read

22 October 2015

It can be difficult to keep track of the continuous developments of online marketing. This jargon buster tells you what you need to know and, importantly, whether you need it to grow your business.

Navigating the online digital world can be a minefield. 

The internet is awash with advice and information surrounding tricks and methods to help boost your online presence but what is useful and most importantly, do you even need it? 

As a small business owner, time is precious and a marketing budget might be non-existent. We’ve partnered with Yell Business to find out more and learn how to navigate through the digital jungle. 


What is it?

PPC (pay-per click) is a great way to jump straight to the top of search results but will need budget to do so and this is less organic advertising method and charged on a click basis. Please bear in mind that if you only embark on a paid route, then if this is paused then your visibility disappears overnight.

Do you need it?

PPC can be a great way to gain page one visibility within search however this can be costly if going in to this blind. Additionally, time can be scarce for a small business so consider hiring a PPC professional to help you along the way. 

Local search and SEO

What is it?

Local SEO is focused on providing results based on a current location. So, when using a search engine, results will appear on a map location depending on which is closest to you. These will often by supported with reviews which will undoubtedly influence the next step in a buying process. 

Hailed as the tricky acronyms of the digital world, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involves optimising a website so that it’s found within search results. MOZ has an easy to follow beginners guide to SEO. Unfortunately this is a topic you will need to geek up on if you want to get a good understanding on how this can impact your business – all you’ll need to do is reserve 30 minutes a day to break this in to digestible chunks.

Do you need it?

Over 90 per cent of internet activity begins with search engines so if you have a website and want to increase traffic and qualified leads then this may be an avenue you want to explore. 

Local search is particularly important if you have a physical business premises or shop. A great place to start is by creating a Google Places account and remember to encourage your offline customers to leave reviews too as these speak volumes!

Social media strategy

What is it?

Again, this can be a tricky or alien path to navigate, especially if you don’t use these outside of work. A strategy will inform which platform is the best for your target audience and the key messages you want to convey. 

It’s worth noting that a Twitter user will be quite different from someone that uses Pinterest so choose your platforms wisely and do your research. A well-thought out strategy will be the most successful. You can even create a content calendar to help you plan for key events. 

Continue reading to find out about responsive web design and video marketing – and whether or not you need it to grow your business…

Do you need it? 

Social media can be an engaging way to connect with potential and existing customers so social media might be your weapon of choice, especially if you love communicating. They can also be a great customer service tool or a way of customers validating your service or product; think of it as the online word-of-mouth platform. Take a look at your key competitors and what they’re doing on social – a bit of competition never hurt anyone!

Responsive web design

What is it?

Gone are the days when a ‘one size fits all’ solution applies to a website. There’s nothing worse than browsing a website and having to ‘pinch’ the screen to read text or click on a button. 

Also, a website that is just optimised for mobile ignores the requirements for tablets, smart watches and the like. Enter responsive website design which uses clever coding to re-size a website based on the device that is being used to view it. 

Do you need it?

Trends indicate that mobile usage has surpassed desktop so if you’re thinking of updating your website or developing one for the very first time then you’ll need to ensure it is user friendly across multiple devices. This not only provides the best user experience but search engines such as Google are now highlighting non-mobile-optimised websites in their search results. 

Video marketing

What is it?

Creating video content can be an engaging way to connect people to a brand and can be widely shared if delivered in the right way. However, if you spend the time and energy investing in video, what do you do with it afterwards? 

Paid seeding can be a great tactic for increasing the exposure or reach for your content and there a variety of platforms you can use to execute this. YouTube and Facebook are great starters but require additional budget and on a PPC framework.

Do you need it?

Equipment and editing software can be costly so we’d recommend a professional for creating the video. Consider drafting the scenes you want in the video to help you brief the professional and get you thinking about the story you want to tell. 

Begin by hosting your video on YouTube or Vimeo and sharing on social media to see how people respond to this. You might want to invest in Facebook advertising to help give your video content an extra boost too. A great example of a video from an SME can be found here.