Openr: An innovative digital marketing tool that harnesses the power of sharing

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Name: Openr
Industry/sector: Digital marketing
Date founded: 2014
Founders: Christina Richardson and Vitaly Yakovlev 
Location: East Sussex

Christina Richardson was a veteran entrepreneur when she co-founded the platform – which is her third venture, following the launch of her first startup when she was just 19. Vitaly Yakolev, who is also Openr’s CTO, came from a background in IT consulting. Both are veterans of the Everline Future 50, having previously founded online marketing tool Brand Gathering, which was featured last year.

With over two million Facebook posts and almost 300,000 tweets created every minute, the co-founders identified a gap in the market when they realised that there was no shortage of links being placed online, but a severe shortage of tools to monitor the effectiveness of such sharing. It also delivered few benefits to the company posting it, with users easily able to forget about the source of the link as soon as they had clicked on it.

The solution they came up with was a tool which allows sharers to create a branded message or call-to-action which floats above the target page. The notification is clean looking and non-intrusive – and users can click it away if they’re not interested.

Openr messages have an average click-through rate of over four per cent, compared to an average of 0.1 per cent for other digital display ads. It was recently placed top in Search Engine Journal’s definitive list of 101 must-have online business growth tools. Yakolev and Richardson have also been applauded for the easy-to-use design of the tool – marketers simply share an Openr link in place of a standard URL. 

The unique idea has received an enthusiastic reception and has succeeded in delivering results for users – it has now been used by over 2,000 brands in 28 countries.

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