Oriel shares the wealth with staff

The stockbroker currently has 80 employees (although Bragg hopes to increase that number to 100 this year) and everyone has equity. Bragg says: “The girls on the front desk will have shares and options, and each year we give out free shares.

“It’s important for us that everyone is a business owner and we communicate with everyone as if they’re an owner. We try to be as open as we can.”

Oriel Securities is on track for another record year, according to Bragg. Since 2004, the firm has grown 88 per cent to reach turnover of £18.8m.

Bragg says: “Although the market’s quite difficult and challenging – and there’s likely to be more bad news to come – it’s going to mean there are a lot of good people who aren’t happy where they’re currently working and who might like to join us. We can also try to win more good clients.”

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