Our 10 most common job applicant nightmares

When we advertise and even when we dont we are deluged with CVs. No problem with recruiting then, you might think. 

You would think wrong. Obviously there are the huge number of CVs that are entirely unsuited wrong part of the country and stating they won’t relocate; no relevant skill sets; just simple little details. 

But having culled the hundreds down to what appears a relevant pile, more often than not, we are still lulled into an entirely false sense of security that those remaining give us a good choice to pick from.

With this list happily and enthusiastically spread before us, we then write to the applicants to set up telephone interviews. These are ten stumbling points from a perfect CV to no interview at all. 

  1. Our email bounces back it amazes me how so many people fail to put an up to date email on a CV;
  2. We receive no reply at all; why send us a CV?!
  3. We get back the highly engaged reply of Sorry, could you tell me what job this is about as I have applied for so many recently
  4. I know it said full time and immediate start and I am only available three days a week from next August but I really would be the perfect applicant
  5. Having asked the applicant for several alternative times and days they are available to get back a notification that they will be available only at 14:11pm exactly on Friday however valuable the applicant, it is just possible we may all be busy too and should be treated with equal respect;
  6. We ring but it goes straight to voice mail. Just plain bad manners to book an appointment and not be there and not notify people. Not to mention inefficient not the sort of people to employ one way or another!
  7. If they ring you at any point in the process, whoever takes the call in the office complains that the person has been incredibly rude it’s not very bright to leave that impression;
  8. When you ring at the designated time, a bored voice asks you to ring back at another time as it isnt really convenient no apology, no offer to ring you back;
  9. The salary question yes, of course the applicants want to know this. But there’s a right and a wrong way to ask: Wazit pay won’t cut it, especially as the first question. Not very fond of the ones who get snooty and announce they want at least triple that and why waste their time when it was stated clearly in the ad to start with;
  10. When I ask them what they have to ask us, even ignoring pay question, I’m also not too fond of the only questions being the hours, the lunch hours and the holidays. At least some, even feigned, interest in the work involved would be encouraging.
So for all the people thinking about sending us a cv in 2014 please dont unless you are contactable, interested in the job and give the same respect and good manners as you would like to receive back!

Jan Cavelle is founder of the Jan Cavelle Furniture Company.

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