Out of work actors only, please

London Calling’s client base reads like a rosta of the great and the good. The £2.2m-turnover firm distributes leaflets for the likes of the Tate Modern, the ICA and the British Museum, displaying over 25 million leaflets a year.

To make sure that the “face" of the company – i.e. the drivers who deliver and replace stacks of leaflets around the capital – present a cultured front, husband-and-wife team CEO Julia Moir-Jones and MD Andrew Moir hire out-of-work actors, photographers and musicians for the distribution arm of the business.

“It means that we have to be quite flexible with schedules,” says Moir. “It seems like at least one of our van-drivers is always off at an audition for The Bill. I’m sure that programme would long have been axed without a steady stream of London Calling van-drivers.”

This arty know-how at the point of sale means that interested passers by can ask, “Ooh! What’s this exhibition? Is this show good?” and receive an informed answer from someone with a genuine interest in the arts scene, rather than the customary disinterested grunt.

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