Ovenu entrepreneur slams bank charges

“Every time my business conducts a transaction, I am sent a letter from my bank. In a single month this means I am now getting between 30 and 40 letters from my bank – all classed as large letters in A4 envelopes and at the cost of 42p each," says Hellewell, who currently operates an Ovenu business account with HSBC. “Meanwhile, I’m being hit with banking charges for the privilege of using their services.   “For the sake of folding a letter in half to allow it to be sent in an A5 envelope, the bank could instantly be saving over 55 per cent on the cost of sending me these large letters. This in itself could mean savings of around £15 per person each month, which would be a very welcome reduction to the inflated banking charges. “HSBC seems to take pride in saving the rain forests, recycling and all things green," he continues. "And yet it perversely sends single sheet documents in an envelope that could be half the size. It could even go one step further and send five bits of paper weekly in one envelope!"  Hellewell slams HSBC for its "complete lack of attention for obvious housekeeping systems" and says the collective amount of waste is nothing short of ridiculous.

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