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Overtime tops list of 10 things British workers lie to employers about

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Exaggerating the time spent on the job puts overtime at number one on the top ten list of things Brits lie to their bosses about, overstating by an average of five hours per week. Meanwhile, two-thirds that lied about their hours said they did so because they needed the extra money.

The survey was conducted to determine the financial situations of UK adults, with all respondents in full-time employment. In addition to overtime, other money-making methods included lying about expenses and mileage.

The top ten lies Brits tell their employers are:

1.      Overtime – 51 per cent

2.      Reason for absence (e.g. fake illness) – 41 per cent

3.      Expenses – 31 per cent

4.      Mileage – 30 per cent

5.      Qualifications/Experience – 28 per cent

6.      Work productivity levels – 25 per cent

7.      Business Meetings – 13 per cent

8.      Tools & Equipment – 11 per cent

9.      Being a parent – 9 per cent

10.    Marital status – 6 per cent

After confessing their sins, they were asked why they lie to their employer – 21 per cent said they lied because they could, while 14 per cent said because they dislike their boss. A majority 78 per cent said they had never been caught, while the remaining 22 per cent had been found out.

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Nick Swan, founder and CEO of, said: “I’m quite shocked by the number of employees who have lied to their employers. Not only is it wrong to lie but if you get caught you could face serious consequences and could lose your job.

“If you feel that you are in need of more money, there are better ways to make extra cash than to lie about expenses, overtime or mileage to your employer. You could get a second job, ask for a pay rise or sell unwanted items, amongst other ways. Lying to get more money really isn’t the answer.”

Lying is seemingly common in the workplace – in March, career marketplace Glassdoor found 5.5m Brits are prepared to stretch their salary by £4,000 to prospective employers.

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