While London businesses enjoy strong representation (40 per cent of firms on the list hail from our esteemed capital), there are notable appearances from Great Yarmouth (Oceanteam 2000), Huddersfield (Simply Biz, 4th), Edinburgh (Head Resourcing, 5th; Rocela, 6th; and Applecross Properties, 32nd) and even the unassuming town of Normanton (Really Useful Products, 70th).

Grant Berry, regional managing director for LDC, the private equity company that sponsors the Hot 100 survey, says the variety of businesses on the list is an encouraging sign for the UK economy.

“It’s a reflection of entrepreneurial Britain. High-flyers are not confined to one or two industries or particular parts of the country, and it just goes to show that entrepreneurs can flourish in whatever they turn their hand to,” he says. “It’s really positive that businesses outside London are doing very well. London’s important, but so are the regions – and there’s lots of successful businesses in areas that you wouldn’t expect.”

He adds: “From property developers to money lenders to hair salons, people with the right approach to business, who keep their focus and recruit the right management team, stand a great chance of becoming successful.”

And what success! This group of businesses is growing at an average rate of 94 per cent, achieving sales of £4.3bn in its last reporting year and boasting pre-tax profits of £280m. The average profit margin is a very respectable nine per cent. When you’re hot, you’re hot.

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