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Paul Rudling: King of the Isle of Wight

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Former chairman of the Isle of Wight Economic Partnership Paul Rudling founded Blade Dynamics in 2007. His aim was to “advance wind turbine rotor technology through design, engineering and processing, to enable the creation of blades suitable for the modern energy business.” The Isle of Wight is regarded as a hub for composites activity.

As the founder of SP Systems, he’s worked in composite technology for 30 years. SP, says Blade’s website profile, “transformed marine and wind energy composites from basic boatbuilding into today’s advanced techniques, with relentless innovation and continuous technical development. Blade Dynamics is the logical progression of this pursuit of excellence in composites, at a time when the need for technology to enable larger and more efficient wind turbines has never been greater.”

As Rudling told our sister title Perofessional Engineering last year after the closure of Danish wind power business Vestas: “Our team has a strong understanding of the technology, has made significant breakthroughs, and we are in negotiations with turbine makers about the technology,” he says. “We are designing lighter and more accurate rotor hubs using advanced composites. If you think of the wind turbine blades in production they use materials used in normal boat building. The composites we are using are the sort used in race boats.”

Rudling has just raised an undisclosed sum from Dow Chemicals’ venture arm (Dow Venture Capital), as well as £5m for a 25 per cent stake from American Superconductor. Blade plans to open a US manufacturing facility in Louisiana.

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