People across the UK are being paid to play Nintendo’s Pokemon Go

Using a smartphone’s augmented reality ability and location settings, players are tasked with tracking down Pokemon based on their whereabouts and then catching them.

The global obsession with the game has resulted in Nintendo’s value rocket from £13bn to £19.6bn since launching on in the US on 6 July, while it officially reached the UK on 14 July.

It has seen also London-based Bidvine capitalise. A marketplace that connects consumers to local professionals, Bidvine’s has introduced a new service dedicated to the Pokemon addiction Brits are exhibiting.

It will allow site visitors to hire professional gamers who can play Pokemon Go on their behalf, while they’re busy at work, school, getting married etc, paying them up to £20 an hour to get the job done. However, Bidvine is also actively hiring professional Pokemon trainers in order to cater to demand.

21-year-old Pokemon trainer Xavier Choong offered some insight on his new role: “When I found out that Bidvine is recruiting Pokémon Go walkers, I signed up straight away – it’s the perfect summer job for me!

“I have been playing Pokémon Go ever since it was first released and absolutely love it. I’m really looking forward to putting my skills to use and making some money in the process!”

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With the Pokemon training service available nationally, customers can make specific requests of their trainer – whether that means sending them to specific locations or walking a certain distance.

“For more than twenty years’ gamers have been trying to ‘catch them all’, and with the help of our professional Pokémon Go walkers, players will be able to level up without having to so much as make one step,” said Sohrab Jahanbani, CEO of

Although the service is countrywide, London-based lovers of Pokemon have the option to provide their trainers with their smartphones, while they will be supplied with external battery packs to ensure longevity. Alternatively, they can simply hand over their Pokemon Go login details.

Jahanbani added: “I know there might be a question around the safety of giving your phone to a stranger to walk with, but many of these service professionals are otherwise dog walkers, and as such, are entrusted with the lives and safety of peoples’ pets on a daily basis. In any case, our walkers can also simply use Pokémon Trainer Club credentials.”

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