Peter Jones gives the inside track on his new venture, Brandpath

Away from the investments he has made as part of his role on the BBC investment show, Jones has built up a portfolio of ventures. It is this diversity of interests that has now allowed him to create Brandpath.

Merging his telecom investments, the business is addressing recent figures which indicated ecommerce spending grew by 12 per cent during January 2015. Centred on a combination of supply chain services, software development and ecommerce, Brandpath has a large addressable market. 

(1) How is Brandpath different from anything else in the market?

What sets Brandpath apart from the rest of the market is that we have built the world?s first and only truly end-to-end solution. What this means is that we are able to handle every step of the customer journey from when a product is produced to when it is placed in a customer?s hands and everywhere in between, no matter where they are in the world. We are a software solutions company with physical global infrastructure, delivering products directly into the hands of the customer.

(2) What has gone into founding the company, and what kind of people are involved?

A wealth of experience and expertise in software development, distribution services and solutions underpins what we?re doing at Brandpath. The business has been founded by the incorporation of a number of different, yet specialist companies, that have the capability to change the way global brands decide how to implement their ?go to market? strategy. 

Rather than using a number of third party relationships that ultimately adds cost and inefficiency into the supply chain, brands can use Brandpath?s end-to-end capability. There are many benefits that have resulted from merging these businesses, not least the bringing together of some of the most respected experts in the field of ecommerce. This demonstrates that we are determined to build the world?s best e-commerce solutions provider. 

Together with this expertise and determination, a real emphasis on innovation is what lies behind the founding of Brandpath. In the modern age you just can?t afford to stand still and launching Brandpath means that we can offer global solutions for a global age, providing a better service, more cost effectively for our customers. 

(3) What has excited you most about this venture?

What is most exciting about Brandpath is that it is truly global in terms of both reach and capability, enabling brands to gain access to any audience in the world. We open up the world to our partners, who in the main are brands that are operating globally. 

The world is becoming increasingly connected and brands are doing more of their business across national borders, so to be able to power this expansion and provide a service to enhance our partners? growth overseas and into new markets is hugely exciting. The sky really is the limit. 

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(4) How does this sit alongside, and compliment, the rest of your business portfolio?

It terms of investment strategy, it works brilliantly. It enables us to focus on the technology sector in a much more intense way. 

(5) Why is brand so important these days, and what role does ecommerce play in this?

A brand is one of the most valuable things that a company has, creating images in the mind of consumers and building loyalty. Building and managing a brand goes a long way to becoming a customer?s first choice, so to place that brand in someone else?s hands is a decision that isn?t taken lightly. In fact, it is a statement of absolute trust. 

With online shopping on the rise. ecommerce plays a huge role in a brand?s success. To build and maintain popularity, brands need to give customers what they want. Increasingly in the digital age that is a streamlined online customer journey and seamless transactions process together with swift and completely reliable delivery. 

Fantastic products are worthless if the customer isn?t able to get their hands on them quickly, which is why we?ve developed solutions to help brands maximise their global reach and boost their ecommerce success. 

(6) How has this process different from other company launches you have done?

In terms of scale ? it?s the biggest. We are now a truly global enterprise and we want everyone to know about our capability. We haven?t shouted from the rooftops in the past ? we are very proud to do so now.

(7) Where would you like to take this business, and what do you think the hurdles will be along the way?

My vision for Brandpath is for the business to be recognised as the global market leader when it comes to placing brands into the hands of the customer. The mission is for Brandpath to be viewed throughout the world as an absolutely indispensable partner to our customers by offering them unrivalled solutions that help them grow exponentially. 

Of course this won?t be easy but by constantly innovating I am confident that we will be able to deliver market leading solutions and adapt to what is an ever-changing market. 

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