Pick of the press: Friday 28 May 2010

The debate over capital gains tax rages on, with senior Tory MPs such as David Davis accusing the prime minister of undermining Britain’s middleclasses. Business lobby groups are also speaking out: the head of the Quoted Companies Alliance, Tim Ward, argues that the CGT rise would hit small and medium-cap companies, which are already finding it difficult to raise equity capital and are the very ones that are best placed to expand, create jobs and subsequently increase tax revenues.

Financial Times – Cameron caught in crossfire over CGT 

The Independent – David Prosser: Why higher CGT is the acceptable face of tax rises 

City AM – Why Cam must axe the the cap gains hike 

City AM – Coalition must listen to City on CGT 

Daily Telegraph – Capital gains tax: businesses fear fallout from rise 

Financial Times – Capital gains tax plans would penalise risk-takers 

Daily Telegraph – Small investors will suffer most from CGT changes: official


Two of Britain’s best-known high street chains have been named and shamed as the worst shops in the UK in a new consumer poll. What’s Britain’s problem with WH Smith and Currys?

City AM – WH Smith and Currys Digital hit with label of being worst retailers

Daily Mail – WH Smith shamed: Once-great name is now rated bottom by High Street customers


What difference will the next generation of phones, 4G phones, make? Will the faster data make business easier to conduct? The Financial Times reviews.

Financial Times – An insight into the 4G future

New corporate governance rules for listed companies come into effect today regarding the make-up of your board. What changes must you make?

The Independent – New corporate governance rules focus on board diversity and accountability 

The Times – Corporate Governance Code: a woman’s place is in the boardroom 

Daily Telegraph – Code overhaul set to shake-up UK boards


We’re not out of the woods yet. A CBI survey showed a surprise fall in retail sales in May. Retailers of household goods, DIY products and chemists suffered the sharpest fall in sales in the first two weeks of this month, but clothing sales also fell after three months of consecutive growth.

The Independent – CBI survey shows surprise fall in retail sales in May

Financial Times – CBI reports surprise fall in retail sales 

The Times – Falling retail sales dampen recovery hopes

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