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Pimp your PowerPoint presentation in these quick and easy steps

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(1) Images

The crucial first step to capturing your audience is understanding the importance of images. They are not just the pretty shiny things to break up text-heavy slides; rather, they should also be telling part of the story.

An image that doesn’t add substance to the narrative of your PowerPoint is a wasted opportunity. Evidently, achieving that is quite tricky when you are trying to outline “ROI” or “data storage”.

Symbols and motifs can often simplify such concepts. Try using arrows to illustrate your thought progression, or make a stop sign appear across slides presenting alternative ideas that you don’t like. There is a shape for almost every argument. 

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(2) Available plug-ins

If it is powerful images and vibrant backgrounds that you are looking to use, there are tools available to help simplify the process. Shutterstock’s partnership with Microsoft PowerPoint, for example, offers an add-on within the programme. With it installed, you can preview Shutterstock images directly within your presentation before purchasing them.

How does that make stuff easier? Well, with direct access to over 84m images, you can find the one you need without even opening up a new window and disrupting your workflow. It allows multiple size options and the ability to experiment with the styles and transitions before you even spend a penny.

With Shutterstock a part of the PowerPoint package, once users are signed in, they can use a basic search function or navigate custom selections (individuals, companies, etc.) Hopefully, tools like this will allow more people to enjoy creating PowerPoints and reap the rewards of effective business communication.

On the next page, you’ll find the remaining two simple steps to achieve presidential PowerPoint status.

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