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Pimp your PowerPoint presentation in these quick and easy steps

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(3) Concept and execution

Of course, good pictures aren’t the be-all and end-all of a good presentation. You’ll also need to ensure that there are good ideas. You will need to verify that these ideas are clearly and concisely explained.

You have to be sure that text is legible and each transition follows a certain logic. Using a good font and keeping the direction of transitions consistent throughout your slides can give your slides that professional edge.

The slicker it looks, the less likely your audience are going to be put off by small inconsistencies and distracted from your key message.

Clarity of thought is the purest path to success but if the slides don’t show any of it, then it may as well not be there!

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(4) You, yourself

It’s all well having nicely designed slides full of eye-catching imagery, but a PowerPoint – as great as it may be – cannot deliver everything by itself. It is only there to help you transmit your message. It is a visual aid, to help people understand your presentation.

This means you’ve got to be the star of the show and to achieve that you’ve got to understand that the slides are only there to help. You need to know your material and you need to be convinced by your argument.

If you get that right, with a sleek PowerPoint by your side, then you’re bound to land that pitch, pull off that merger or just simply – but brilliantly – explain your next big idea.

Janet Giesen is senior director of business development and strategic partnerships at Shutterstock

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