Pinterest: Top tips to supercharge your business

Pinterest is a great social media tool for telling a visual story, where images of beautiful products and inspiring places attract the greatest interest and prompt browsers to click to the originating site.

A 2014 Global Web Index study of social media account ownership and active usage, ranks Pinterest as seventh and still growing, so definitely one worth getting on-board with.

Pinterest has now set its sights on making itself invaluable to business with the launch of a new dedicated Pinterest for business website.

1 ? Plan?

As a business, it’s tempting to just start pinning things, but before you do, draw up a strategy of what type of content you’ll be pinning. Create multiple pin boards which cover a range of topics and interests around your brand and products. Remember to share a variety of interesting pins from others as well as your own, as this will attract a wider audience of followers.

2 – Analyse

As with all social media, it?s about engaging with your customers, who then help tell your story. By listening to what your followers think is hot, or not, you’ll gain valuable insights from the in-built analytics tool. The metrics show you which pages people are pinning from your website, plus the number of people seeing your pins and re-pinning your content. Using these statistics will help focus your marketing and promotional efforts on what’s most popular.

3 ? Highlight

Data-driven marketing is great, but you need to go beyond just using the analytics by highlighting to customers on your other marketing channels, and even in-store, what’s most popular on Pinterest. People like to know their choices are on trend; knowing something’s hot on Pinterest will inspire them to buy.

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