Poll: Are you planning to leave the UK?

Research just out from Investec shows that only four per cent of UK business owners (with a turnover of ?1m plus) plan to give up their UK residency, compared to 16 per cent in November 2010, and 11 per cent in May 2010.

?Much has been written about a potential exodus of Britain?s leading entrepreneurs in the face of rising taxes, but our research suggests that there has been a significant drop in those planning to leave,” says Ed Cottrell, head of Investec’s growth and acquisition finance team.

The research shows that optimism is in the air for British business owners:

  • 42% per cent want to launch new companies and products in the UK over the next 12 months. 
  • 54% expect the increase their UK revenues by ten per cent or more over the next year.
  • 26% anticipate that their profitability will rise “dramatically”.
  • 68% plan to raise external sources of capital for their UK businesses over the next 12 months.       
  • Nearly seven in ten respondents plan to employ more people.

Do you plan to stay a resident of the UK?

Poll is now closed.

  • Yes 33.33%
  • No 66.67%

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