Poll: Is more bank lending what UK business needs?

More bank lending ? is that what UK businesses really need?

It’s no secret that the funding landscape is changing. But as traditional lenders ? the five big UK banks ? are withdrawing from the once generous business funding market, new banks are taking the opportunity to jump in and do… the same thing again? Or something different?

The new breed of bank, from Handelsbanken to Co-Operative Bank, claim to be different from the goliaths in their industry. With more personal, transparent, convenient service they want to challenge the big players and convince business leaders that they are the better choice to fund their ambitions.

Real Business will be exploring this new breed of bank throughout the month and provide the platform for many business leaders’ opinion on the matter. There is one main thing we want to find out: is this what UK’s SMEs need?

It is on you to tell us whether you would be willing to trust the new UK banks with your business ? and on what terms.

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