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PR appointment marks next step in development

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“The business has been around for quite some time and we’ve worked with many different agencies but not a credible PR company,” Horridge says.

Fit for Sport has run children’s activity programmes since 1991. Its core business is in central London. “Over the next few months and years, we’re looking to establish various small entities in bigger cities like Liverpool so we can branch out and have regional offices and managers,” Horridge says.

“For us, local awareness is important. The PR company works hard with local media. Raising the profile of Fit for Sport is something we’re working very hard on.”

Horridge is also becoming more of a media commentator, responding to government announcements and what he calls “media hype” around children’s health. “The PR company is good at getting a response from me. And, for example, the Time and the Guardian have published some of our response letters.”

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