‘Presenteeism culture’ is barrier to UK work productivity

According to commercial fit out company Overbury, four in five surveyed claimed that those who spend more hours in the office are thought by bosses to be working harder, while 66 per cent said being seen at work increases and employee’s chance of promotion.

However, 70 per cent claimed they get through twice as much work at home.

“Our research found that presenteeism comes from a complex mix of factors including demands from management, peer pressure and a self-inflicted concern over how others see us. This complexity may be at the heart of why presenteeism is proving so hard to shift,” said Chris Booth, managing director of Overbury.

Presenteeism was also found to be felt more by the young, with over 85 per cent of 18-24 year olds stating it exists in their workplace, compared to only 66 per cent of those over 54.

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