Prince’s Trust launches £1m youth programme

Million Makers challenges employees to run their own mini-enterprises. Nearly 70 companies ? including Accenture, and St Tropez ? have signed up and will be competing to raise the cash.?Teams will strive to come up with the most lucrative business idea and run their own businesses to raise money, which will go towards supporting young entrepreneurs on The Trust?s business programme. ?The programme is backed by Raef Bjayou and Claire Young, stars of The Apprentice and Prince?s Trust ambassadors.?Bjayou says: ?The fantastic thing about Million Makers is that participants are not only honing their own entrepreneurial skills, but raising funds for entrepreneurs of the future that don?t have the financial means to get things off the ground. It really is a win-win situation??Julian Barrell, director of fundraising, The Prince?s Trust addds: ?With Britain?s best business brains behind us, we can help more young people into business. Nurturing entrepreneurial talent is now more important than ever. We cannot let the Sir Alan Sugars of tomorrow be thwarted by the recession.?

Last year?s Million Makers challenge raised more than ?500,000 to help disadvantaged young people into business.?Picture source

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