PRing the naughty Tiger

The answer, it seems, is ‘not what he’s doing right now’.

If you haven’t been in a bunker (geddit?) for the last seven days you’ll know that Mr Woods crashed his car in mysterious circumstances during the small hours of last Friday.

The event, itself front page news, led to speculation as to the cause. Although Tiger has remained tight-lipped about everything (less a few mentions of the word ‘transgression’), the rumour mill is in overdrive, churning out an array of candidate misdemeanours.

The chief theory (we should say, not endorsed by Real Business) is that he lost control of the vehicle after fleeing a big row with his wife over an alleged string of affairs.

Woods’ coyness on the subject is adding fuel to the flames and most public relations professionals think he should come out with it in one go ala David Letterman.

In this article, PRs argue that Tiger Woods the businessman should elbow aside Tiger Woods ‘the family man’ and reveal all.

It seems, in America at least, transgressions are forgiven and forgotten – cover-ups are not.

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