Pro-independence businesses get behind Scottish Yes campaign

Signatories include Brian Souter, CEO and founder of Stagecoach, Ralph Topping, former chief exec of William Hill, and property tycoon Dan Macdonald.

The news comes just one day after 130 business leaders signed a letter opposing independence.

Today’s letter says: “We are involved in business and entrepreneurship at different levels in Scotland and around the world. We believe independence is in the best interests of Scotland’s economy and its people.

“An independent Scotland will recognise entrepreneurs small and large as the real wealth and job creators of the nation’s economic future.

“It will encourage a culture in which innovation, endeavour and enterprise are nurtured. It will place power in the hands of Scotland’s people to channel the huge resources of our country in the interests of those who live and work here.”

This week marks a key turning point in the campaign, as businesses who were previously reluctant to speak out on the issue have finally felt the need to make their voice heard.

The organisers of yesterday’s letter say that as many as 100 businesses who oppose independence declined to sign the letter through fear of a backlash.

It seems that the divisions which have appeared in Scotland in the run up to the election are also dividing businesses, although a recent Forum of Private Business poll found that two thirds of Scottish SMEs oppose independence.

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