Project Socialis: Our daily lives in 140 characters

#socialis aims to uncover the ways Twitter can influence our daily lives and how we feel about that.

As the project is all about how people engage with apps like Facebook and Twitter, branded3 kicked it off with a poll of 2,000 social media users in the UK through OnePoll. Here are some great business stats that they shared with Real Business.

There are almost four times more self-confessed ?voyeurs,? or those who tend to just browse content on social media, than there are ?participants? who prefer to actively post to Facebook or tweet etc.

Although 51 per cent of social media users polled admitted that they didn?t like being advertised to over social media channels, 35 per cent said they ?don?t mind.?

Some 39 per cent of those questioned said that their main reason for engaging with brands across social media was to take advantage of competitions and freebies. However, 13 per cent said they use it primarily to log complaints and only six per cent prioritise praising their favourite brands.

When it comes to the most effective way to complain, it?s pretty much neck and neck between the telephone and social media. Only 22 per cent feel that putting in a call is most effective compared to 21 per cent who turn to social media.

While 39 per cent of those polled believe that snail mail will become extinct thanks to social media, 13 per cent believe emails could suffer the same fate.

On the research, Andy Machin of Branded3 and #socialis said: ?When longer standing concerns have spent years perfecting their call centre presence or face-to-face customer service, it?s a painstaking truth that these tools may always have their place, but are now no longer enough on their own. As an extension of a brand communications and to ensure loyalty, social media is becoming more and more prevalent as a channel for connecting with a customer base.

?We?re hoping that the final #socialis book ? as well as this data ? will help convince many businesses that it?s never been more important to commit the resource and maintain an responsive social media presence.?

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