Protecting your business idea

Whatever your business, you own intellectual property – design of products, company logo, or knowledge that’s gone into website development. Protected and maximised, IP can bring great business benefit. However, many entrepreneurs and small companies fall foul of the rules and suffer as a result.

Tonight Real Business is compering an amazing evening at the British Library, as part of its ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurs’ series in partnership with HSBC Start-up Stars. "From Brainwave to Business" brings together entrepreneurs who have built success through effective IP management. The panel will also include a leading legal expert to address questions related to patents, trademarks, copyright and IP infringement.

And there are a few tickets left. To find out more, visit

For inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs, this could be the most valuable event of your business’s early life. Speakers:

Sebastian Conran is a top designer and inventor, and the director of product and graphic design at Conran & Partners. Sebastian’s technical innovations have earned him many design, marketing and innovation awards.

Denise Nurse is a commercial lawyer and one of the founders of legal practice Halebury. She will provide the expert angle on IP. Denise may also be a familiar face, as she’s a weather reporter on Sky News. Halebury is a partner organisation of the Business & IP Centre and runs regular workshops.

Jim Shaikh is an ex-academic engineer, and now inventor of the ‘Yoomi’, a self-heating baby bottle. He used the Business & IP Centre to develop his idea; watch a video of him talking about his experiences of the Centre.

Katharine Hamnett is a fashion designer and eco-campaigner. Her iconic slogan tshirts were a defining image of fashion in the 1980’s. She has campaigned against sweatshop labour and the use of pesticides in cotton growing.

See you there.


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