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Provoking chaos in order to promote change

As you probably know, and may have experienced, efforts to promote change is often met with resistance. Yet the human potential is to grow. Indeed, everything on this planet is either growing or dying” and I know which side of the equation I would rather be on!

Change versus comfort

Most people will tell you they want to change, that they want to recognise and release old habits and destructive patterns of behaviour, yet when push comes to shove, they cling to what is safe, known and predictable.

Whether it’s fear of the unknown, the initial discomfort that often accompanies doing something new for the first time or laziness, when it comes to change, most people want to ?know before they go. If you go to a restaurant you are probably going to choose a meal you are familiar with rather than the ?mystery dish of the day. And if you do choose the ?mystery dish of the day,” you?ll want to know what it is, how it is cooked and what it comes withAnd then it’s no longer a mystery!

Chaotic energy triggers a shift

The dictionary defines chaos as a ‘state of confusion or disorder; a total lack of organisation or order” and while some believe the threat of chaos or crisis is to be avoided at all costs, I take a different view. Like a violent storm raising everything in its wake, chaos is often the precursor of dramatic change. Without change, growth is impossible and growth is essential to life.

Chaos is a disruptive energy and fuels on change. Remember a time when you created a huge shift in your life or propelled yourself forward in some way. Perhaps it was a financial crash, a relationship falling apart, economic changes or fired from your job. It threw you into chaos and became the catalyst forA new path. Your reality crumbled in some way to allow for a shift to occur. When chaos hits, or better yet, when you provoke it, you are opening the door to new possibilities. That is the pivotal moment where the magic happens.

The field of cymatics offers an opportunity to see a visual representation of how sound impacts you and your world and clearly demonstrates the role of chaos. For example, when sound is directed into a water sample, the water vibrates in response to the frequency. This creates a pattern that stays stable as long as the frequency remains the same. As the frequency changes, the stable structure and pattern goes through a short chaotic phase and then reorganises itself into a more intricate pattern. This is the chaos before a shift happens.

Harmony or dissonance

Everything in the universe is made up of energy; it is the building block of all matter and is constantly flowing and changing form. Your words, thoughts, actions, emotions, even the sound of your voice, are all transmitting energy and impacting it. Indeed, your life is aligned with the vibration and frequency you are emitting. So are you creating harmony or dissonance

Your life is in resonance with the vibration and frequency you are emitting. It is as simple as that. If you want to promote change in your life or even your business, then that requires a shift in vibration and frequency. You cannot expect to promote change if you are still emitting the same old signal. So you can wait for chaos to strike or better yet, you can stir the pot and start the perfect storm, harness the chaotic energy and trigger the shift.

Carol Talbotis the author of You, the Divine Genius, and combines the edginess of systems such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Fire Walking with the coal face of business and life.

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