Public relations: Which tactic is right for you

This is where a sustained PR campaign can really help because good content will stay online for months or years, boosting search results. This approach can be far more cost-effective than pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Independent, well-written editorial copy is far more credible and effective than advertising. Even editorial that is authored by a company has had to gain the approval of the editor for publication.

Running a PR campaign over a period of several months allows a company to focus on different parts of its business and target relevant industry sectors or audiences with editorial material that has been compiled over time.

A long-term PR campaign that deploys a number of tactics, such as customer case studies, news releases, articles, analyst/media relations, events, speaking opportunities and social media integration will prove far more effective in terms of generating results, meeting business goals and delivering ROI when compared to a one-off news release or a short-term advertising or pay per click campaign.

In a single month there is very little that can be achieved in terms of raising a companys profile and generating news. A single article or case study will lead to a limited amount of coverage.

A three-month campaign allows some time to develop targeted media lists, initiate media relations and place a limited number of case studies or news releases with a number of publications. Some editorial opportunities can be identified providing there is time to develop the content.

A 12-month campaign provides time to take an initial benchmark of brand awareness with the media. We can find out how familiar journalists are with your product or service at the very start of a campaign.


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