Public relations: Which tactic is right for you

As time progresses, your awareness with the media will increase. As journalists recognise your PR agency as a trusted source of quality editorial, they soon learn who can be relied upon to provide good copy to use in their publications.

Sustained campaigns allow more time to focus on national newspapers and broadcast media, if appropriate.

Multiple articles and case studies can be researched, written and placed with key publications that publish monthly features highlighted in each issue throughout the year.

Media interviews can be set up prior to, or during major events and exhibitions, ensuring your company receives maximum media exposure.

Speaking opportunities can be highlighted and replies to call for papers submitted.

A regular flow of news can be issued ensuring influential journalists and analysts are kept up to date with your companys latest developments.

Social media campaigns can be implemented and blogs written which will lead to improved SEO results.

Finally, awards can be entered showcasing your achievements throughout the year.

So, the long and the short of it is that if you’re thinking about PR then consider a long-term approach. It will enable you to gather PR momentum and generate far better results.

Marcus Edgar is a consultant at marketing and PR specialists Resonates.

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