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Q App: Removing the need to queue at your favourite entertainment venues

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Name: Q App 
Industry/sector: Entertainment
Date founded:  2013
Founders:  Serge Taborin and Tim Bichara
Location: London

The queue horror often tends to unleash the worst of us and can, unfortunately, lead to customers stomping away and never coming back, ending up in lost revenue.

“There are a few things in life that haven’t moved on over the past 100 years, but ordering food and drink in busy bars, theatres and coffee shops works largely the same way now as it did then,” suggested co-founder Serge Taborin.

“We’ve approached this from a different angle, recognising that there is a bigger problem to be solved rather than simply replacing the credit cad with the mobile phone.”

Taborin worked as head of strategy at Perform Group, which was followed by a stint at Archant Digital Ventures, while co-founder Tim Bichara previously worked at a mobile development agency. Taborin thinks the combination of their various skills “was a prerequisite to creating a first-class product and turning it into a fast-growing business”.

Through the Q App technology you can order and pay for something off a menu and an alert will be sent once your order has finished. You also have the option of having it delivered to your seat, all through your smartphone.

Although it’s only been 18 months since Q App has gone from being just an idea to eliminating queues in some of UK’s best-known venues, the platform now sports customers such as the Royal Albert Hall, Ministry of Sound, Premier League football grounds, Queen’s tennis tournament and a number of coffee shops.

“Working with major venues has always been an important part of our strategy,” said Taborin. “They attract a large number of people. Going live in those venues enables us to demonstrate right from the start that the technology works and that it adds value. And when you do that in a major venue it carries more weight.

“There is a real opportunity to cross sell and up sell. One of the advantages we have is that our venue partners will be telling customers about the app and encouraging them to use it.”

He noted that this would go a long way in helping the company decrease advertising spend.

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