Quick shot: getting reviews

Andy Phillipps, the founder of Active Hotels, and now chairman of Reevoo, explains how encouraging customer reviews can take your business to the next level.

“This is something you can do tomorrow. Reviews are huge ? my business, Reevoo, looks after some 500 million recommendations a month (most are whitelabelled).”

He says that business owners consistently underestimate just how willing consumers are to write reviews ? if asked, 15 per cent will review products and services without any incentive at all.

What are key influencers for product choices? Friend recommendations (49 per cent), consumer reviews (42 per cent), the media (16 per cent), recommendations from shop assistants (12 per cent) and advertising (11 per cent).

He adds that women are more influenced by consumer reviews than men, while 73 per cent of all purchasers will check with other consumers or friends before purchasing from an unknown brand.

These are compelling numbers.

“But it’s important to get it right,” says Phillipps. “The power of the negative voice is massively amplified on the web. So make sure you have a good product.”

The key, he adds, is to be pro-active: if you actively ask customers to review your products, they’ll be more likely to be positive. “Go out and ask for feedback on your product, engage with social commerce, increase sales.”

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