Quick shot: going social

Andrew Gerrard, the head of social business at Like Minds, explains the importance of being a social business.

“Social is at the heart of everything we do ? it’s about engagement and interaction,” says Gerrard.

“You shouldn’t just ‘do’ social media, you have to ‘get’ social media. If your’e on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn, then that’s absolutely great, but what are you trying to do and achieve for your business?”

Gerrard says that while most businesses now have a Twitter account, not many entrepreneurs know just how much revenue it generates for their businesses. 

“That’s because we have yet to reach the point at which businesses realise that social media isn’t just about marketing, but is about something that you have to try and develop your business culture around. Develop yourself as a social business rather than an organisation that does a bit of social media marketing.

“Put yourself in a better position to engage with your customers in a more social and interactive way, that will drive your business and your profits. It needs to become a constituent and core part of what you do and how you do it.”

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